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Hanging Basket Brackets, Planters etc - GardenXtras

Chartwell House, Rear Unit (2), 40 Chartwell Road, Lancing Business Pa

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Hanging Basket Brackets, Planters etc - GardenXtras for sale

Description: GardenXtras - providing wide range of plant supports, garden drinks holders, garden wine holders, garden furniture cushions and covers, hanging basket brackets, hanging basket stands, wellington boot stands, boot scrapers, Christmas tree stands, pot holders, pot rings, picnic equipment, trug trolley and trugs, wall and balcony planters, patio planters, hardwood garden furniture, garden patio furniture, etc. Contact us for more details:- Phone: 01903 756565 * Email: sales@gardenxtras.com * Website: http://www.gardenxtras.com/

City: Sussex

Phone: Garden on

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