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Shetland Pony

6 year old stallion

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Shetland Pony for sale

Description: my shetland pony is looking for a new home. i do not have the time or money to look after him. he is 6 years old, stallion, not been backed, although was making progress with him, i could sit on him now without him trying to buck me off!!..he is blind in one eye too although does not seem to cause him a problem. he does not have a passport, he has had his vaccinations and wormed and vet has given him exam and he is healthy. it was my kids dad that bought him without my say so as i would have told him not to due to me not having the time to look after him. i want someone that will have somewhere to turn him out, as at the moment he is stuck in his stable only to get exercise when i take him in arena. he is a lovely little chap and i only want the best for him which is why i am forced to get a new home for him.

City: Greater Manchester

Phone: Me on 07036 209775

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